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 The easy way or the harder way! Rain Barrels

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PostSubject: The easy way or the harder way! Rain Barrels    Sun Apr 03, 2011 1:36 am

I was gonna put a big bin on top of my barrels (just under the edge of my roof line)
and put a couple holes in the bin ( like a big funnel ) over the openings of my rain barrels.
That would have been the easy thing to do (Whaaat, I know it would have worked!!)
I didn't want to cut the top off of them or put a spigot at the bottom!

But with a little enginuity & determination it got done in a pretty reasonable manner!
After today's rain, besides my barrels, every possible container I could put in the yard was full!

Yesterday I poked fun at the sky after a light sprinkle, (is that all ya got?)
Today, Alright already!

It all worked out well and I have a nice handpump connected at the top that miraculously fit the threads. Got it for $15 at Harbor Freight. Next I'm gonna try to retrofit a hose to the pump.


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The easy way or the harder way! Rain Barrels
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