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 Navigating this Forum Website

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PostSubject: Navigating this Forum Website   Navigating this Forum Website Icon_minitimeTue Mar 15, 2011 5:31 pm

Welcome to the TCFL Community forum. I hope you will join us and participate in making our county an even better place to live in.
Below I will try to help you understand the structure of the forum so you will have a more pleasant and productive experience when using it.

Let me start by saying if a user (that’s anyone on a computer) is looking at the TCFL forum website , but is not a registered member, that user will not be able to view all subject matter on the site and will not be able to post anything on the forums.

Let’s get started. The TCFL forum is designed in a tree structure divided by SECTIONS.
Each section will have individual FORUMs. Some of those forums will have multiple SUB-forums.
TOPICS are the individual discussions (or threads) a user posts or reads related to these forums (or sub-forums).

An example would be the Welcome Section on our site, which has two main forums, and inside of those are several sub-forums with topics:

Welcome (Section)
1. Rules, Tips, Etc. (main forum)
2. Introductions and What’s news (main forum).

Those two main forums each have several sub forums, so it goes something like this:

Welcome (Section)
1 Rules, Tips, Etc. (main forum)
a) Some Rules to Make everyone’s visit pleasant (sub forum)
b) For Your Safety (sub forum)
c) Tips for using this forum (sub forum)
d) Suggest forum improvements here (sub forum)

2 Introductions and What’s news in the county (main forum)
a) Introduce yourself here (sub forum)
b) What business is coming, closing, or moving (sub forum)
c) Taylor County Development Authority (sub forum)

Using the main forum >Rules, Tips, Etc.< and the >Tips for using this forum< (sub forum) as our next example, you would find there are two Topics posted:

1 Rules, Tips, Etc. (main forum)
c) Tips for using this forum (sub forum)
1) Using Descriptive Topics (topic)
2) Navigating this Forum (topic)

To post a reply to an individual topic, highlight the topic name and once it is displayed on the screen you can read the discussion and decide whether or not to reply. If you wish to reply (and you are a registered member and are logged in), click on the Post Reply button. You can practice by going there and posting a reply indicating if this Tips topic was helpful or not. Once a user clicks the Send button, you will have up to 10 minutes to edit your post, (I tried to think of everything).

If you wish to start a new topic related to the sub-forum you are in, click on the New Topic button. Otherwise you can click on the Home link to get you back to the beginning home page.
Once you become more familiar with the screens you'll see how easy it is to navigate the forum(s) and how useful it can be.

Some of our forums do not currently have a topic posted, so feel free to start a topic related to those forums. Spread the word, and invite your friends to join in as well.

The best rule of thumb is to click on the Main Forum links first to get yourself acquainted with all the different sub-forums you can participate in.

If you have an idea for a new forum or sub-forum, go to >Suggest forum improvements here< in the Welcome Section and post a new topic. I promise, we will review and reply to all requests.
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Navigating this Forum Website
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